Cadela de serviço ajuda tutora com narcolepsia em tarefas diárias

Treinada pela própria tutora, a cadelinha Harlow sempre a ajuda em tarefas diárias das quais ela tem dificuldade de realizar

A golden retriever, Harlow, foi instruída desde que era uma filhote para ser uma cadela de serviço, que nada mais é do que um cão que é treinado para ajudar os humanos em determinadas tarefas nas quais são limitados. Como ajudar um cego a se locomover com segurança por exemplo.

A tutora de Harlow, a americana Jaquie Blake, de 20 anos, sofre de uma doença crônica chamada narcolepsia, que tem como principal característica o excesso de sonolência durante o dia que pode ocasionar episódios de sono irresistível.

Essa patologia oferece perigo durante atividades que exigem concentração, como dirigir um carro ou operar algum tipo de maquina.

Hi, this is Jaquie (Harlow's "girl" ?). I need to make a quick announcement. It seems that the company called "The United States Service Dog Registry" has shared one of my interviews in their news letter. ? I'd like it to be known that I do not, in any way, support or affiliate myself with this company. They are able to use the article because it's public domain, but it's a shame that I'm inadvertently contributing to their cause. These people sell "service dog certificates" that have NO legal standing in the United States whatsoever. Some people may support what they are doing, but I do not. ? Although selling these fake ID's and certificates isn't illegal in any way, it does make it easier for people to falsely claim their pets as service animals, which in turn makes the lives of legitimate teams much harder. ? This is because the people who purchase these items, either unbeknownst that their causing harm or deliberately, will flash businesses the ID and then establishments expect every team to carry one. ? I've actually had the cops called on me for not showing my service dog's "papers." ? I'll admit it, before I educated myself on the laws regarding service aninals, I once believed they needed certification or IDs. This misconception needs to be broken! The only two questions a business may ask are, "Is that a service dog required because of a disability?" And, "What task(s) does the dog perform?" To be considered a service dog (as per federal law), the dog must perform specifically trained tasks to mitigate their handler's disability. ♿ Again, there is no such thing as certifications, IDs or registrations within the United States. Yes, this leaves a lot of room for people to falsely claim their pet as an assistance animal, but true service dogs have years of training – That alone will speak for itself. ?? #Educate #TruthBeTold #ShatterStigmas #SpreadAwareness #Misconception #ServiceDog #WorkingDog #ServiceDogInTraining #AssistanceAnimal

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Treinada pela própria tutora, a cadela ajuda Jaquie a realizar algumas tarefas e para garantir a sua segurança. Entre elas estão lavar roupas, fazer compras e até mesmo pegar alguma bebida na geladeira.

Sorry for the absence, but my girl and I are back! ? Check out this neat video of me performing my "water bottle, I'm thirsty" task. ? This is just one of the many ways I help @Chronically_Jaquie when she finds herself off balance due to a pain or dizziness flare. ? Even when she is stuck in bed or on the couch, she must take her medication on time. ? So I'm here to bring her water to ensure that happens! I'm all about lending a paw to help my girl. ?❤ I guess that's why they call me "helper" dog Harlow! ? 14 Months #goodgirl #helpful #medicine #water #servicedogintraining #servicedog #workingdog #dogtraining #dogsofinstagram #cute #goldenretriever #puppy #instapuppy #puppylove #gloriousgoldens #invisibleillness #chronicillness #spoonie #disability #epilepsy #narcolepsy #asthma #migraine #dysautonomia #POTS #gastroparesis #ehlersdanlossyndrome #hypermobility #fatigue #chronicpain

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Além da narcolepsia, Jaquie sofre de epilepsia e outras doenças que não são visíveis, como tendinite e intolerância ortostática, o que por muitas vezes limita os seus movimentos, mas felizmente ela tem a cadelinha para auxiliá-la pegando algum objeto que esteja próximo ao chão, por exemplo.

With her (newly diagnosed) orthostatic intolerance, my girl can sometimes have difficulty bending down as it exacerbates her dizziness. ? Having this condition means @Chronically_Jaquie's heart must work harder than average to pump blood with postural changes, leading to fatigue, lightheadedness, and possible syncope. ? That's why I'm here to limit her need to bend down by retrieving important items, such as Oreo pudding mix! ? I can also carry certain items for my girl when her hands are giving out from cataplexy, a neurological symptom of narcolepsy that causes muscle weakness. Thankfully this particular problem is mostly under control, but it's good to practice my "hold it" command for times of flare ups! ? 13 Months #goodgirl #oreo #publix #servicedogintraining #servicedog #workingdog #dogtraining #servicedogsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #cute #goldenretriever #puppy #instapuppy #retrieversgram #gloriousgoldens #invisibleillness #chronicillness #spoonie #disability #epilepsy #narcolepsy #asthma #migraine #orthostaticintolerance #ehlersdanlos #fatigue #chronicpain #instagood #cool

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Com mais de 100 mil seguidores no seu Instagram, Harlow ganhou fama após vídeos em que ela ajuda a sua tutora a lavar as roupas. Confira:

Laundry Help Pt. 1: Load the dryer! ? Also notice my "all the way" command to fully load clothing that is hanging out. ? This task is essential when my girl is going through a bout of muscle weakness, pain or dizziness; courtesy of cataplexy, muscle spasms and low blood pressure or migraines (in that respective order). Who knew bending down could be such a hassle? ? Regardless of chronic illness, chores eventually need to be done, especially if you're a neat freak like my girl! Sure, someone else in the household could do the laundry. But my girl is all about holding onto whatever independence she can, and I'm here to help her do just that. ?❤ Although… Are you sure I can't keep this sock? ? 11 Months #goodgirl #laundry #socool #sockstealer #tasktrained #servicedogintraining #sdit #servicedog #workingdog #dogonduty #medicalalertdog #dogtraining #servicedogsofinstagram #respectthevest #dogsofinstagram #cute #goldenretriever #puppy #instagolden #instapuppy #retrieversgram #gloriousgoldens #invisibleillness #chronicillness #spoonie #spoonielife #epilepsy #narcolepsy #asthma #migraine

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Quando Jaquie sofre alguma crise grave, a cadelinha foi treinada para pedir socorro para vizinhos ou até mesmo para a família chamando a atenção deles com latidos.

“Ela é um amor e também muito altruísta. Ela nunca pensa só em si mesma. Honestamente, ela adora o seu trabalho. Ela nunca se cansa e sempre quer aprender mais,” contou Jaquie, em entrevista ao American Kennel Club.

“Isso é a melhor coisa que você pode pedir: um cão que está animado para trabalhar para você, então você nunca se sente culpado pedindo para que ele o ajude todos os dias.”